UCR: Map physical to virtual axis via Modifier (key/button)

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UCR: Map physical to virtual axis via Modifier (key/button)

30 Nov 2017, 16:01

This is just essential - as there is no other software out there that could deliver this function!

It's common to have modifer functions to let buttons perform different actions when a modifier button is held. Every mapping tool out there is capable of doing this.

But there is no tool, that would allow an axis to act as a different axis when a modifier button is held!

In various console games whenever a different function of the analogue sticks is needed this is implemented in the game right away. The stick performs differently when you are driving a car (steering left/right) or flying a plane (rolling left/right).

It's very problematic and often impossible to emulate such a mapping in an (old) PC game. If it's not implemented, you will not be able to find any mapping software that can handle this!

Let's take Kerbal Space Program. There are control schemes for Xbox and PS4 making use of modifier keys to perform 9 (!!!) axes actions.

The setup routine of the PC version also offers configuration of up to 12 axes.

But your gamepad only offer 5 axes (and Xinput is generally limited to those 5 axes).

So there is no way you could make use of the configuration options of all those axes because your gamepad can't deliver them.

The solution: Modifier button(s)! Make 10 axes out of 5! Make 15 axes out of 5! Make 20 axes ouf of 5! ....

Even the steam controller is limited to Keyboard/Mouse and Xinput (5 axes). WHY? I just don't get it!

The function I suggest is just fundamental in my opinion and I don't understand why this has never been realized or implemented in any mapping tools.

Physical axis 1 -> mapped to virtual axis 1
Physical axis 1 + modifier button -> mapped to virtual axis 2

In Kerbal Space Program you could then do the following:

Left Stick L/R -> Yaw
Left Stick U/D -> Pitch
Triggers -> Throttle +/-

LB + Left Stick L/R -> Translate L/R
LB + Left Stick U/D -> Translate U/D
LB + Triggers -> Roll

Right Stick L/R -> Camera Horizontal
Right Stick U/D -> Camera Vertical
LB + Right Stick U/D -> Camera Zoom

With just one modifier key you would be able to configure ALL analogue axes KSP supports. This would be by far superior to any setups and workarounds out there including the offically implemented steam controller support!

This would also solve probably all of of the issues of older games that were never meant to be played via gamepad.


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