Improve The "Lost AHK Scripts & Libraries" Issue

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Improve The "Lost AHK Scripts & Libraries" Issue

06 Sep 2018, 09:41

It looks to be a lot better to have a list of the recovered AHK scripts and libraries from AutoHotkey's past website problems. Joedf appears to have recovered a massive number of scripts, but what they are is buried in his archive and zipped up. ... s_archive/

Newer or casual users may have no idea that a script or idea about a script has already been done, or that the script they are interested in is zipped up. If there was a list of names of those recovered scripts, it would be easier to search for. If a person did a Google search on the Archived Forums and got the name of a script from a topic, even if the link was broken or script not posted, they can then use that script name to search on the "Recovered Scripts List" and possibly find it.

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