We want AHK for Linux!

Propose new features and changes
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Re: We want AHK for Linux!

14 Dec 2019, 11:30

@guest3456, this is not even the actual problem here.

The main problem, that I see, is that the small glimpse of a pro-active moderating concept was immediately undermined: One admin locked the topic because he felt attacked and before the discussion could escalate further, another admin (an AHK foundation manager) scrubbed the posts a little bit and called for decorum (so far, so good) and then a third admin (another foundation manager) came around and introduced language and attitude, that in my eyes, was much more aggressive and unfortunate than what caused the temp-lock.

This is what confuses (and potentially intimidates) users, undermines consistency and authority of the people actually moderatoring; and reflects badly on staff and the whole forum.
Some might say, that this inconsistency is a feature, not a bug. I say: most of our daily helpers lead by good example - let's follow them!
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Re: We want AHK for Linux!

14 Dec 2019, 12:47

Apologise for the wording but not the message. This entire thread is a great big whining fest. Lots of talk and ideas and no action. Whining
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Re: We want AHK for Linux!

14 Dec 2019, 12:50

Imho, the shtick is getting a bit old.
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Re: We want AHK for Linux!

14 Dec 2019, 13:13

Talk and ideas. On an internet forum. Imagine that.
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Re: We want AHK for Linux!

14 Dec 2019, 14:59

I think its fine. People are gathering hints, traces and information about a specific topic and want to rally for a cause.

@boiler While I do agree with you to some degree I don't think that quitting right now would be bad idea.
The staff is a collection of users. Just like for normal users it will take time before the new policy will really affect everyone.
Even if some people refuse to participate I think its a bad idea to immediately quit the forums because of that.
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Re: We want AHK for Linux!

14 Dec 2019, 15:27

ok i defer to you guys. i thought the pro-active moderating worked, at least in regards to me, because i chose not to write what i was thinking. but then i see i contributed to the problem afterwards.. because obviously based on my post which quoted the offending language, i tend to have the same opinion as tank. so i apologize as well for my participation in escalating. i think you guys are right that if people aren't interested in the discussion, we should just ignore the thread.

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