Support for Windows 10 Clipboard History (October 2018 update)

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Support for Windows 10 Clipboard History (October 2018 update)

21 Dec 2018, 06:33

Is there plan to support the newly introduced Clipboard History?
In particular, it would be nice to be able to copy some text A, then copy some text B and paste it, then change the order of the clipboard and put A back "on top". So that by pressing CTRL + C afterwards windows pastes A again.
Maybe this is already available... In that case I'm sorry about this post and will remove it.

Thank you all!
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Re: Support for Windows 10 Clipboard History (October 2018 update)

29 Mar 2019, 22:08

I currently have no plan to support Clipboard History, or even use it.

To be frank, I think it would be much simpler to implement your own clipboard history through the use of the Clipboard and ClipboardAll variables. Replicating the UI complete with thumbnails for images could be tricky, but not impossible. If you don't need history for copied images, it would be relatively trivial.

Accessing or modifying the Clipboard History requires the use of the Windows Runtime, a.k.a. the Universal Windows Platform - specifically, the Clipboard class. The complexity of using UWP from straight C++ has thus far outweighed my interest in using UWP for any purpose.

The API does not appear to provide any way to change the order of history items. Perhaps one could clear the history and then copy each item to clipboard in the desired order. There is a way to set which item represents the clipboard's current content - maybe that would suffice, or maybe what you want just isn't possible.

There also appears to be a limitation which would require you to activate a script-owned window before accessing the clipboard:
You can only access the clipboard when the calling application is in focus on the UI thread

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