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21 Jan 2019, 17:03

i know there are functions out there that already do this, but i think itd be cool if this was in by default

for the time being, whats the definitive way to deep clone anyway? with all circular reference mumbo jumbo etc. taken into account, that is
i found this function by geekdude: https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/85201-array-deep-copy-treeview-viewer-and-more/
is this it?
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Re: Object.DeepClone()

21 Jan 2019, 18:29

You can try ObjDump and ObjLoad which are included in AHK_H.
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Re: Object.DeepClone()

22 Jan 2019, 01:49

yep those work pretty well, thanks for the tip
although, i still think an _h agnostic native solution is in order
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Re: Object.DeepClone()

03 Jul 2019, 09:37

+1 (either built-in with whichever name, or a documentation example)

Discussion here:
Duplicate an array and change the value - AutoHotkey Community
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