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Second Section designation (Section2) in GUI options

Posted: 28 Jul 2020, 14:55
by boiler
There have been many times where I would have found it extremely helpful to mark a GUI control with a section identifier without losing the location of the original section. This would allow for nested sections. One control (the main anchor) would have the option Section or Section1 and others would use Section2. That would allow for sub-sections of controls to take advantage of section positioning underneath them while still each being positioned relative to the original anchor since its location would be preserved. The controls referring to Section2 would then be positioned as xs2 ys2+10, for example.

Sometimes this can be accomplished with use of xp and yp, but it is often is less than ideal. It also often doesn't work out where it's handled through a series of sections, where each one is based off the last. It's still best to have each sub-section independently point back to the main section.

It would be even better if there could be multiple designations (Section3, ...), but I'd happily settle for one more. Probably a longshot, but perhaps it would be considered at least for v2.

Re: Second Section designation (Section2) in GUI options

Posted: 29 Jul 2020, 20:34
by kczx3
I agree I’ve had many cases where this would be helpful. I generally try to use sections as much as I can. In v2, I just resort to storing the added control in a variable and using its position to place subsequent controls.

Re: Second Section designation (Section2) in GUI options

Posted: 29 Jul 2020, 23:13
by toralf
The workaround In v1 Is to get the controls position with GuiControl, but such a sectionX would be great.