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Change control colors

24 Jul 2015, 14:57

Currently I'm using ControlCol for a lot of it, but I would really like to have it internally in AHK since it is 32bit only.
Just setting front and background color on stuff would go a long way. I can use GUI, Add, Text to make custom background colors. Besides, ControlCol crashes resize. ... -controls/


Wishlist: (those in bold are not possible with ControlCol)
  • DateTime text color
    Listview/Listbox/Edit highlight color + remove red border
    Listview arrow / dotted lines color

    Text background color
    Listbox background color
    Edit background color
That is all :)

Kind regards
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Re: Change control colors

26 Jul 2015, 06:08

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Re: Change control colors

10 Sep 2015, 10:14

Though I've written some CtlColors script I support this wish related to Edit, Text, ListBox, ComboBox, and DDL controls. When I started to work on CtlColors, I didn't had a clue that AHK was already processing the WM_CTLCOLOR... messages. But looking into script_gui.cpp clearly shows that it would cost only a few additional statements to allow the +BackgroundColorValue for these controls. Maybe one of the other developers could try to implement it, if lexikos doesn't find the time to do it.


Code: Select all

		if (pcontrol->type == GUI_CONTROL_COMBOBOX) // But GUI_CONTROL_DROPDOWNLIST partially works.
			// Setting the colors of combo boxes won't work without overriding the ComboBox window proc,
			// which introduces complexities because there is no knowing exactly what the default
			// window proc of a ComboBox really does in all OSes and under all visual themes.
			// Overriding it is likely to cause problems, or at the very least require testing across
			// various OSes and themes (XP vs. classic).
Don't know why. Class_CtlColors doesn't have problems with the control.

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