Omitting TickInterval's value (slider option)

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Omitting TickInterval's value (slider option)

13 Apr 2019, 07:14

Slider option TickInterval states:
After the word TickInterval, specify the interval at which to display additional tickmarks (if the interval is omitted, it is assumed to be 1).
Unless I'm mistaken, this means that TickInterval and TickInterval1 should do the same, but they don't. TickInterval resets the control to the default view, i.e. only display the tick marks at the starting and ending positions. TickInterval1 associates every increment in the range with a tick mark.

I assume that TickInterval is meant to behave like the TBM_SETTICFREQ message, which also states something similar:
The default setting for the frequency is one; that is, every increment in the range is associated with a tick mark.
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Re: Omitting TickInterval's value (slider option)

14 Apr 2019, 03:50

Interestingly, TickInterval (without an interval) works as described at control creation time if you additionally specify a range. If a range is specified you get the same result by adding the TBS_AUTOTICKS (0x0001) style:

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Gui, Add, Slider, w400 Range0-100 TickInterval
Gui, Add, Slider, w400 Range0-100 +0x0001
Gui, Add, Slider, w400 +0x0001
Gui, Show, , Test
The behaviour of the trackbar control (slider) might have been changed after the TickInterval option was implemented.

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