LWin::return causes capslock alwaysoff to fail

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LWin::return causes capslock alwaysoff to fail

03 Dec 2019, 02:06

This works:

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SetCapsLockState AlwaysOff
But this doesn't:

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SetCapsLockState AlwaysOff
The second code block correctly causes LWin keypresses to be ignored, but it somehow also causes SetCapsLockState AlwaysOff to be ignored too--with the LWin statement, capslock incorrectly works as usual.

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Re: LWin::return causes capslock alwaysoff to fail

03 Dec 2019, 02:59

ur SetCapsLockState AlwaysOff in the second case is never executed.
single line hotkeys return implicitly, only running whatever u put on their one single line. so if u have more code underneath, it wont get run ever.
pull the command up, above all hotkey declaration and ull probably be fine. basically, read this:

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