Why this Critical Error on DropFiles ?

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Why this Critical Error on DropFiles ?

01 Oct 2020, 09:33

May be something trivial I don't see ?

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#SingleInstance force
MainWin := CMainWin.new()

class CMainWin extends Gui
        super.__new('+Resize', "DropFiles", this)
        this.onEvent('Size', "Win_Size")
        this.onEvent('DropFiles', "Win_DropFiles")
        this.show('h300 w300')
    Win_Size( MinMax, Width, Height ){
        this.ToolTip ">Win_Size"
        if !MinMax
            this['Edit'].move(,, Width - this.marginX*2 )
    Win_DropFiles( Ctrl, FileArray, X, Y ){
        this.ToolTip ">Win_DropFiles`n" FileArray[1] ; ★ Critical Error: Invalid memory read/write.
    ToolTip( txt,sec:=4,num:=1){
        ToolTip( txt,,,num )
        SetTimer(()=>ToolTip(,,,num), -sec*1000)
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Re: Why this Critical Error on DropFiles ?

01 Oct 2020, 12:07

its an ahk bug
doesnt account for when the event sink is the gui itself(thus indexing into the wrong parameter and attempting to ->Release() something it was never meant nor able to, eg the X coordinate param)
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Re: Why this Critical Error on DropFiles ?

09 Oct 2020, 03:45

To whoever marked the topic as solved: best not to do that yet, if you want the bug to be fixed. ;)

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