Win modifier and sending Unicode Topic is solved

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Win modifier and sending Unicode

03 Dec 2017, 08:18

Let's take "#a::Send ä" as an example. It works in some windows, but doesn't work in Firefox. Yet if I release Win button fast and it is the first captured hotkey since the start of the script, it fires. Also it works if what I'm sending is not Unicode or if I use Alt instead of Win.

I'm attaching key press logs. AHK, Windows XP SP3.
After inspecting them, I've managed to come up with a workaround, "#a::Send {LWin up}ä". Still, I think this is a bug and should be fixed.
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Re: Win modifier and sending Unicode  Topic is solved

27 Dec 2017, 04:50

Fixed in v1.1.27.00.

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