Simple bug [Send by Hotkey]

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Simple bug [Send by Hotkey]

15 Mar 2018, 16:19

To use this script, run it and hold Space and then click MButton
The bug: the Space gets released for a little while and the it gets hold again.

The bug doesn't works for keyboard keys, I only do the test on MButton. I guess it's because they key is from the mouse ...
It also works for others hotkeys-type such as $, ~, etc ...

Code: Select all

	Send,{Space up}
Thanks for fixing that bug...
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Re: Simple bug [Send by Hotkey]

31 Mar 2018, 05:03

You called Send,{Space up} and space-up was sent. AutoHotkey's part is done. No bug.

Physically pressing any other key will stop Space from repeating. This is standard keyboard behaviour and has nothing to do with whether or not that other key is a hotkey. Your script can't stop it from repeating, but you can block it with a hotkey, which can be turned on with the Hotkey command when you want it blocked and off when you don't.

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