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hotstrings & Ctrl-Alt-Del

23 May 2018, 00:18

under Win10, whenever I press Ctrl-Alt-Del, hotstrings do not work afterwards. As soon as I reload the AHK script, everything is fine again. Thus I use a hotkey to reload the script, e.g. Ctrl-Alt-R. When I (re)login to Win10, I press Ctrl-Alt-Del, then Ctrl-Alt-R, and all hotstrings are working.
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Re: hotstrings & Ctrl-Alt-Del  Topic is solved

23 May 2018, 04:43


Re: hotstrings & Ctrl-Alt-Del

29 May 2018, 02:27

Thanks very much, Nextron!

Automatically rehooking after logon works perfect! I reduced the delay before rehooking to 1s.

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