Suggestion: rename "Window Title" to "Window Selector"

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Suggestion: rename "Window Title" to "Window Selector"

07 Sep 2018, 07:12

Hi, very briefly, I would make you aware of the fact after years of using AutoHotkey occasionally, it finally appeared to me that "WinTitle" is not necessarily the title of a window, but can be a range of different things, including combinations of several ones. I am certain that long-term users will object and say, well, no one can be so dumb not to understand this, because it may appear totally clear to them. Well, it wasn't for me, and maybe I am not alone. It's simply not intuitive to me that Win*Title* can have values such as Notepad or ahk_id notepad.exe at the same time.

WinTitle is called that for historical reasons, I guess. But what about calling it a "Window Selector" or something? You would not even need to change any functionality. You could maybe add ahk_title as an explicit mode that is used if no other mode is used, to maintain functionality for existing scripts. I believe newcomers would benefit from this.

Why "Selector"? This is what is used in CSS to refer to the group of mechanisms allowing to identify elements, compare

Another point: when I read today, I then wondered why WinTitle actually can actually match a windows title. Well, why is that? Because I had read the first line of the table on the page as the header: that is, I read "Title" as the title of the first column, and "Matching Behaviour" as that of the second. How dumb can one be? But still, this happens, and I don't consider myself paranormal enough to maintain that I am the only person in the world susceptible to misunderstandings like these.
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Re: Suggestion: rename "Window Title" to "Window Selector"

07 Sep 2018, 18:03

For most of the commands, you need only look past the name and read even one line of the parameter's description (which is probably only one line total):
A window title or other criteria identifying the target window. See WinTitle.
Above the table you mentioned there is an introduction containing this:
This parameter can be the title or partial title of the window, and/or any other criteria described on this page.

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