Compiled EXE file doesn't formatting

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Compiled EXE file doesn't formatting

17 Sep 2018, 02:27

I've following code to remove formatting from copied text on CTRL+SHIFT+v (because Windows 10 unable to do that at all):

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;Paste without formatting
; Source: 


	ToolTip, Paste w/o formatting...
	clipSaved := ClipboardAll	; Save clipboard content
	Clipboard = %Clipboard%   	; Will remove formatting
	Sleep, 100   				; Wait for Clipboard to update
	Send ^v						; Paste
	Clipboard := clipSaved		; Recover clipboard
	Sleep, 200
It works fine when open my AHK file.
But compiled version of this code doesn't work.
Bug?.. =)
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Re: Compiled EXE file doesn't formatting

02 Nov 2018, 23:55

What doesn't work?

It works just fine for me, compiled or not.

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