"hotkey will not be active" note

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"hotkey will not be active" note

03 Jan 2019, 21:58

When running scripts I get an unexpected "Note" alert telling me that certain hotkeys will not be active because they do not exist in the current keyboard layout. This is unexpected because all of the keys used by those hotkeys actually do exist in the current keyboard layout.
AHK seems to 'believe' that my keyboard layout does not contain "3" or "v" (there was another one which I don't recall, but I no longer needed it anyway so I removed it) because all of the hotkeys which are reported to be not active contain those keys.
If those keys didn't exist in my layout I would certainly have trouble typing those characters and using my computer in general!

It's interesting that the key history can record me pressing the very keys for the hotkeys that reportedly do not exist on my keyboard layout.

This isn't a serious issue and I rarely need to use those hotkeys so I have delayed in reporting this, but it began when I upgraded to 1.30.

How might I go about troubleshooting this issue?
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Re: "hotkey will not be active" note

03 Jan 2019, 22:24

You could start by providing some code that could be used to reproduce your problem, while additionally telling us which keyboard layout you were using when that problem occurred.
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Re: "hotkey will not be active" note

04 Jan 2019, 13:26

How does one determine one's keyboard layout?
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Re: "hotkey will not be active" note

04 Jan 2019, 19:52

How does one determine one's keyboard layout?
If you haven't installed additional keyboard layouts (or language packages) you will probably have not much to determine.

I think, by default, your layout is determined by your choice during the windows installation process - in your case English (US), I guess, which was probably suggested to you and is adjusted to the keyboard you use (don't quote me on the details).

But for additional layouts, you will usually have to install additional languages/layouts - I have installed additionally english (US) some time ago for testing purposes and I used to have also japanese on my Win7 machine (for linguistic reasons), besides the default, german.

I suppose by default you will see some info in the task area, if you have installed more than one layout, and you will be able to choose from there (or via keyboard shortcuts).
On Win 10, it probably looks more or less like this (I clicked on DEU to show the menu):
layouts.jpg (12.46 KiB) Viewed 1729 times
The "DEU" in the task area tells me that I am using the german layout at the moment, not the "ENG" one.
For adding more languages you will have to choose the last entry in the menu shown above, if available, or in the "Time and Date" section (or similar) of the window settings. There, you will find an entry for "Region and language" (or similar) which allows to add additional language packages (incl. keyboards), if I remember correctly.

In this case however, I seemed to remember that user AuralArch was interested in japanese input methods (or JIS keyboards) some time ago: https://www.autohotkey.com/boards/viewt ... 32#p225932 - because I used to learn some japanese myself.
That's why I thought of asking if some specific keyboard layout was involved.

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