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[a104] Bug: Gui.Options()

Posted: 05 Sep 2019, 00:52
by hoppfrosch
Related to AutHotkey2 a104

Method Gui.Options() does not work anymore - Gui.Opt() has to be used instead.

As documentation states, both variants (Gui.Opt() or Gui.Options()) should work ...

This is either a bug in AHK2 a104 itself (both variants should work) . or in documentation of a104 (Gui.Options() documentation should be removed)

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MyGui := GuiCreate(,"TestGui")
MyGui.Add("Text", "x10 y1 h30 vWindowTitle Center", "TestIt")
MyGui.Opt("+Resize +MinSize200x100")  ; <------ WORKS
; MyGui.Options("+Resize +MinSize200x100")  ; <------ DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE
MyGui.Title := "GUI Testing"
MyGui.OnEvent("Close", "Test_OnClose") 

Test_OnClose(Gui) {

Re: [a104] Bug: Gui.Options()  Topic is solved

Posted: 05 Sep 2019, 03:18
by Ragnar
This as well as Gui.Cancel (= .Hide), GuiControl.Options (= .Opt) and File.Position (= .Pos) have been removed on purpose when Lexikos changed the way objects and classes work. I'll submit a pull request on GitHub.

Re: [a104] Bug: Gui.Options()

Posted: 07 Sep 2019, 16:28
by jeeswg
I've updated the method lists, linked below, in response to a104, and the changes mentioned above.
People are welcome to mention anything that needs updating there. Thanks.

list of every object type/property/method - AutoHotkey Community