Possible Tab3 bug

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Possible Tab3 bug

19 Apr 2020, 20:23

I encounter a very strange problem with Tab3: A white box appears when I paste text to an Edit control. The position of the box is not always the same. It looks like a redraw problem. It disappears after changing Tab3 to Tab2 .

It happens randomly. It seems also related with the text to paste.

My System: Windows 7 Pro, AHK 1.1.32 64Bit

Test code:

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#SingleInstance force
Gui,1: Add, Tab3, x10 y320 w820 h390 vSettingTab10, Code Preview
Gui, Font, S11,
Gui,1: Add, Edit,x20 y350 w450 h350 
Gui,1: Add, Edit, x480 y350 w340 h350 
Gui, Font, S8,
Gui,1: Tab,
Gui,1: Show, w1000 h720, TEST



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Snap1.jpg (48.77 KiB) Viewed 969 times
Snap2.jpg (119.53 KiB) Viewed 969 times
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Re: Possible Tab3 bug

21 Apr 2020, 01:54

The redrawing is completely handled by your local system.
So while this may indeed be a bug there is a high chance its not one in autohotkey.
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Re: Possible Tab3 bug

21 Apr 2020, 05:05

The white box never moves when the text is scrolled? Does Redraw have any effect before or after the Show?
Same white box for different fonts? e.g.

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Gui, Font, s11, Verdana
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Re: Possible Tab3 bug

21 Apr 2020, 12:27

To nnnik: Tab2 doesn't have the problem. That's why I think It's a bug of Tab3. But you are also right. I tested the code on a Windows 10 machine, everything was fine.

To Imstearn: As soon as I touch anything, the white box will disappear. For example scroll the text, or paste text to another Edit. Changing font doesn't work.

Thank you all!

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