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PowerDOS [iOS]

29 Jan 2015, 07:00

DOS is short for Disk Operating System, and Power DOS brings it to iOS!

The term DOS is originating back to the 1960’ies and was introduced by IBM for their mainframe computers. It became prominent from 1980 to 1995 since it dominated the IBM PC Compatible market during this time. There were several DOS including MS-DOS, PC DOS, DR-DOS, FreeDOS, ROM-DOS, and PTS-DOS.

None of these Operating Systems was just called DOS, neither is this app. It is called Power DOS and capable of bringing back memories from the days when everything was running on 16bit.

Once this app is installed on your iOS device you can basically install any program that was running on the DOS platform. Including game classics like Doom or even Windows 95.

Win and Win95 were running on the Disk Operating System, showing what a 16bit operating system is capable of. If sys ini, commanc.com, config.sys and .exe sound familiar to you, then this is the app for you.

Power DOS is not just a command line interpreter, it is the real thing. It is a real operating system, capable of everything you would expect from a Disk Operating System. And given how the hardware has gotten better during the last 30 years, it will probably run better than it ever did back in the days.

Of course, to install certain programs you still need a license, that didn’t change. But maybe you still have the old CD’s or even Floppy Disks laying around with your precious games and tools. You can carry them now in your pocket. On your iPhone or iPad.

It’s time to experience the fun of the 16bit area again. With Power DOS you are ready for it. You could even play Bananas if you are able to find a copy of it. There are tons of funny programs that never made it past 16bit. Grab this app and you can have the same fun again, on your iPhone or iPad.


BoBo 8-)

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