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Discuss Autohotkey related topics here. Not a place to share code.
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Discuss Autohotkey related topics here. Not a place to share code.
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Joe Glines
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Re: AutoHotkey User Survey

20 Apr 2016, 20:34

We have had good responses to the AutoHotkey user Survey however April 30th is fast approaching! Don’t miss-out on giving your feedback around AutoHotkey and the chance to win $100 Amazon Gift card.

If you haven't already completed the survey you can do so by clicking here.

Webinar on the AutoHotkey User Survey
We've taken a preliminary look at the data and are very excited with what we're seeing! So much so we've decided that we'd like to plan a time to review the results. In this special ~1-hour webinar we are going to review the findings that will be shared on the forum as well as some advanced analysis which have some true "nuggets" of insights.

There will also be time for Q&A so bring your questions to the event and we’ll do our best to answer them during the allotted time!

Please join us Thursday May 19th at 3:00 EST / 12 PST.
You can register for the webinar by clicking here

Joe Glines & Jackie (Blackholyman) Sztuk
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Re: AutoHotkey User Survey

21 May 2016, 02:31

Any public results of the survey available already?
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Re: AutoHotkey User Survey

21 May 2016, 06:04

Not yet, we're making the last few things ready and reviewing the recorded webinar so it can all be make available at the same time...
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Re: AutoHotkey User Survey

23 May 2016, 01:39

Great :)
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Re: AutoHotkey User Survey

13 Dec 2017, 14:59

I wanted to watch this again. Mainly to see what programming languages were popular. (And to be reminded of any ways where the survey could be improved.) Cheers.

AutoHotkey User Survey Webinar - YouTube

[PowerPoint presentation, 'full deck', available here:]
AutoHotkey User Survey Webinar -One hour video

- Other programming languages are mentioned at 32:34.
- If we did another survey at some point, I think it would be good to propose questions, and then get user suggestions on additional questions, improving the questions/available answers.
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