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The Last of AHKScript - Zork-Style RPG

Posted: 26 Mar 2014, 14:18
by AfterLemon
This is a Zork-style relatively long-term game available to anyone at any time.

The first responder (Now tidbit), is the main character. His character's actions determine where the story is set, and all additional player actions must be within the same city, or communicated in some way. If others' actions are NOT communicated or within the city, they are unknown to the main character.

All additional responses from new people are new "players" created upon first post and kept until death (or long silence [also death]).

Who you are and how you act is what determines what you look like, your abilities, and your situation and circumstances in the story.

Feel free to join in any time and start playing. Players can "name" their character by "thinking" their name or by other players naming them.

Simple commands are best, leaving ALL "info" out of it, only stating specific "intents".

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>Run to car
>Search store for guns
>Drive to florida
Generally, necessary secondary intents that are not expressly described are either assumed or included in my followup. (e.g. packing to go to a cabin requires clothes)
As well, details will be given when requested (by intents [e.g. examine car; check if gun is clean]) and intents are expected to be reasonable (e.g. driving to florida requires TIME, GAS, and FOOD if you are in Colorado). Details will be given as external links.


You (the first responder) awaken in your home in the Castlewood Community in Centennial, Colorado.

You've lived here for a couple of years, gotten to know a few of the neighbors, even been invited to dinner a few times.

You're an average human, and you have a bit of experience using firearms. You're a bachelor, but you have a few friends in Denver. Or... had.

You look outside and see an empty street, much like other days. In the lawns of your neighbors, however, there are holes dug up out of the grass and what look like piles of broken metal. You immediately realize that something is wrong in your neighborhood. It's 3pm and nobody is making any sound, nobody is walking, and only 2 vehicles are left parked in any of the driveways. One of these is your car.

Then you hear it - what sounds like someone yelling while an accelerating car speeds past your home. You watch as the person in the passenger seat holds a handgun out of the window, aiming it behind the SUV. He's shouting to the driver, "Keep going, they were only a few hundred feet behind us!" They speed off, probably going 50mph down your street.

A wave of fear washes over you - you're not safe here, especially if something is coming. You need to get out of here.

Re: The Last of AHKScript - Zork-Style RPG

Posted: 26 Mar 2014, 15:47
by tidbit
> I Rush indoors and grab all the canned food I can find and a few bottles of water
> I proceed to the bedroom where I hide the handgun and its ammo.
> Entering the car.

Re: The Last of AHKScript - Zork-Style RPG

Posted: 26 Mar 2014, 16:20
by AfterLemon
You quickly rush to your pantry, glancing inside. Luckily, since you're a bachelor, there's many cans of food. You run to your bedroom closet, grabbing a duffel bag and your Glock plus 3 boxes of ammunition. You throw the ammo in the bag along with a few clothes.

Hurrying back to the pantry, you grab 10 cans of assorted vegetables and meats and 3 gallons of water. You know you couldn't run with this much, but you just need to get to the car.

You run outside, seeing many people walking with some sort of gait at the end of the cul-de-sac about 200 feet away. You jump in your car, throwing your bag in the passenger seat.

Re: The Last of AHKScript - Zork-Style RPG

Posted: 26 Mar 2014, 16:37
by tidbit
> Insert keys into the ignition. Please oh please don't be a movie cliche, I think to myself.

Re: The Last of AHKScript - Zork-Style RPG

Posted: 26 Mar 2014, 16:50
by AfterLemon
The car starts with no issues. Luckily, you've had it in the shop recently for emissions and an oil change. You have about 75% of your tank of gas.

Re: The Last of AHKScript - Zork-Style RPG

Posted: 27 Mar 2014, 09:44
by tidbit
> Headlights on, just to make sure I see everything infont of me.
> put on bad-booty sunglasses.
> check the time and date, so we know how long our adventure takes.
> Depending on the time it is, I might want to take the cool shades off.
> reverse!!

Re: The Last of AHKScript - Zork-Style RPG

Posted: 27 Mar 2014, 10:58
by AfterLemon
You flick your headlights on, noticing that because it's the morning there is very little effect. However, you know it's safer that way anyway.

You pull your sunglasses off of the dash and put them on; you can see better now. Glancing down, you notice it's 8:30am, March 27th.

Throwing the shifter into reverse, you slam your foot on the gas, flying out of your driveway. You glance behind your car now, noticing the people you saw before are only 50 feet or so behind you.

Re: The Last of AHKScript - Zork-Style RPG

Posted: 27 Mar 2014, 16:46
by tidbit
> Switch to a non-reverse gear, calmly. Thinking of a general direction/location to head toward before panicking.