multi-region DVD drive (64-bit PC)

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multi-region DVD drive (64-bit PC)

20 May 2017, 16:10

Does anyone have a good (preferably freeware) solution for watching region-specific DVDs on 64-bit PCs?

DVD43 used to work for me on 32-bit PCs. Basically I would like to watch one or two DVDs using Media Player Classic. Thanks if anyone can help.
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Re: multi-region DVD drive (64-bit PC)

20 May 2017, 16:58

I use DvdFab Passkey, but not free.
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Re: multi-region DVD drive (64-bit PC)

27 May 2017, 11:37

Find yourself a friend in the US who could send/bring you a DVD drive as a gift (hopefully it'll exempt you from additional charges) - all drives in US are region-free. I have a STTH SH-S182D drive brought by a friend from the US ten years ago and it still works fine.
Unless there's something in the OS that imposes additional limits - dunno about that, got no 64bit OS here.
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