slow menus: Font dialog/New menu/file context menu

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slow menus: Font dialog/New menu/file context menu

18 Dec 2017, 05:02

I'm using Windows 7 and some things are often unacceptably slow. So much so that I avoid using them. I've put some workarounds in brackets.
Notepad: Format, Font... [dll injection and WM_SETFONT]
Explorer: right-click, New [COM to create new file/folder via a hotkey]
Explorer/Recent Items: right-click [recreate Recent Items, or, hotkey to open files with a secondary program]

I'm posting here in case anyone has some good ideas to speed these up. Web searches haven't been too fruitful. Thanks for reading.

Links for workarounds:
how to dll Inject - Page 2 - AutoHotkey Community ... 7&start=20
Explorer window interaction (folder windows/Desktop, file/folder enumeration/selection/navigation/creation) - AutoHotkey Community
list Recent Items (My Recent Documents) (Start Menu) - AutoHotkey Community
Quicker way to open script file for editing - AutoHotkey Community
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