What Was The First Language You Learned?

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What Was The First Language You Learned?

17 May 2018, 06:55

Not for speaking, for programming.

This continues this thread:
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Also, what other programming languages do you know?

Also, you could mention any languages that you want to learn/are learning.

There was a QBasic craze at my school. Amongst other things I created some cartoons, a calculator (including HCF/LCD), and a script where loads of colourful shapes appeared one on top of another at random locations.

Although, if I go back a bit earlier there was a grey round robot called Roamer, that might be the first time I met the concept of programming languages.

Programming languages:
LaTeX (MiKTeX and TeXstudio)
VBA (Excel/Word)
wxMaxima (Maxima CAS) (freeware computer algebra system) (cf. Mathematica, MATLAB)
some: ASM, AutoIt, batch (MS-DOS), CSS, Java, JavaScript, Lisp (via wxMaxima), Python, SQL, Visual Basic
also: Acc (MSAA), COM, QBasic, RegEx, SoX, YouTube API
also (file formats): bmp, ico, midi, txt, wav
future: more C++/HTML, perhaps more Java/Python

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[A bit about how I started out: QBasic, Excel VBA, AHK.]
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Re: What Was The First Language You Learned?

31 May 2018, 21:50

You've collected quite a few languages!

My first programming language was Autohotkey. It probably began with some clicker script of yore, but now I feel comfortable enough with it to get things done.
Much later, I began learning Javascript, and now I can use it to do most of the things I need.
I've had to write some Python and PHP in the past, but I don't feel comfortable with those at all.
I can't think of anything else.
Oh, I also feel comfortable with Regex. I almost always know what I want and how to approach the issue. But would you call that a language?
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Re: What Was The First Language You Learned?

14 Jun 2018, 08:56

Scripting language? SCM (VCMB).
Programming language? Delphi.

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