Present situation with Android for AHK'ers?

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Present situation with Android for AHK'ers?

25 May 2018, 07:02


I am just wondering if anyone has migrated from creating AHK scripts to doing similar stuff on Android? (ie using some sort of Windows software that allows creation of scripts/gui's which can be exported to APK and run on Android)

If anyone is doing this, would you mind sharing what system you are using for creating Android APKs? I am a Windows Computer user - so essentially I would like to use Windows for creating whatever I need...

So far I had been looking at the following:
1) - this is for creating the apps - its like jigsaw pieces that allow you create a series of actions/results etc - I only have briefly had a go at it but I could not compare it to AutoHotKey

2) AdobePhotoshop/GIMP and SerifDrawPlus - this is to create the Gui/Buttons etc - again much more complicated then using the SmartGui app in AutoHotKey. Here I would have to create the button in the draw app...import it as an image into MIT and assign controls to it.

3) BlueStacks or AndyRoid as the Android Emulator on which you can run APKs (I prefer using VMWare - but could not find a decent emulator that works with VMWare - either their Android OS is too old or sound drives dont work etc).

4) RealStudio - someone mentioned this as an alternative to using MIT for app creation.

I would be really interested to hear from fellow AHK users to see if they are doing anything similar or found some easy Android app maker which gives similar benefits to AHK (especially with somethink like SMartGui)
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Re: Present situation with Android for AHK'ers?

04 Feb 2019, 07:34

I'm not familiar to the other app, but bluestacks is one of the emulator I used recently. But it does not work well on my computer that's why i decided to uninstall it. And I'm looking also other emulator.
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Re: Present situation with Android for AHK'ers?

15 Feb 2019, 00:04

A lot of people use VirtualBox ( From experience, it works pretty well for running Android applications. Though the biggest problem will be if you want VirtualBox to run full screen on your Windows PC, as depending on your screen resolution, the Android OS might not be able to scale up that high. You could then use AutoHotkey's Click, MouseClick, PixelSearch, ImageSearch, etc... on it to various degrees of success (depends on a lot of factors).

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