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html/websites: resources

13 Jul 2018, 06:59

- I'm thinking of going back to writing websites. Basically writing html from scratch on each page. Also, html can be useful for doing GUIs. [EDIT: html from scratch + CSS + JavaScript.]
- My list of examples so far is simple:
looking at the html for webpages e.g. the AutoHotkey help

- I wondered if anyone had any good resources for html, basic html examples, cool-looking widgets, cool-looking anything, examples of nice website design, or good AutoHotkey GUI examples that use html. Most interesting would be reasonably simple/short examples that look good or work smoothly. E.g. turn a barely functional or mid-1990s website into something that looks marginally better.
- Another thing to mention would be if there any are places where people can submit test html pages for others to look at/interact with.
- Even further, has anyone created a small forum using phpBB, Discord or an alternative?
- Or has anyone done much with websites and databases? Hence this earlier thread ...
db files and sql files - AutoHotkey Community ... 17&t=50451
- Another point would be how to collect fun user data like how many users each hour, or, which countries people are from.
- If anyone had anything to post about website security, to here, or via direct message to me, that would also be interesting.
- Thanks for reading.

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Programming languages used in most popular websites - Wikipedia ... r_websites

Example websites:
Quick Reference | AutoHotkey
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Re: html/websites: resources

13 Jul 2018, 08:11

I always liked the idea of using HTML to create a Gui, but the one thing that always bothers me is that it requires the user to have Internet Explorer installed (Correct?)...

I know most people will have it installed, but just the thought that they may have uninstalled it, or have problems with its settings/installation that may cause the Gui to fail, always makes me not want to use HTML.

Again, I know that chance is low, but it bothers my OCD personality.
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Re: html/websites: resources

13 Jul 2018, 11:06

Basically writing html from scratch on each page.
Are you considering JavaScript and CSS aswell? An HTML-only webpage is more like a dinosaur these days, especially if written from scratch.
Another thing to mention would be if there any are places where people can submit test html pages for others to look at/interact with.
You can alwarys access the source-code of any webpage you like and have a look at it. In Firefox, hit F10 to see the menus and than click on Tools -> Web Developer -> Source Code (or just hit Ctrl+U). Html code is mostly visible in webpage sources (JavaScript not so much. You can see the calls though).
TheDewd wrote: but just the thought that they may have uninstalled it, or have problems with its settings/installation that may cause the Gui to fail, always makes me not want to use HTML.
You have a good point. If the ammount of work is not a problem though, you can always have your program check for the presence of IE and if not present, display an ordinary GUI instead.
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Re: html/websites: resources

13 Jul 2018, 11:23

Often better and more complete than w3schools is MDN
Generally achieving tasks like finding user location is done via Java Script APIs.
You always use more than plain HTML to create a website.
You use HTML for structuring the web page content. CSS to style the web page and make it look like anything.
Java Script is used to make the site dynamic beyond the most basic CSS and HTML features.
However this is only what's run on the browser side of the website. The website also has a Server side where the Server receives a Http request and then makes a decision how to respond.
On the server side you have languages like PHP which is run on an Apache Server or Java or Python (Go, Perl, Ruby, server-side Java script... ) . On the server you might also have a database that communicates in SQL.

To make using these languages easier people often use libraries for these languages.
jquery is probably used on the majority of web sites. It has gone beyond a simple library and has essentially become part of Javascript itself. (e. g. If you ask a question regarding Javascript on Stack Overflow you explicitly have to say that you don't want to use jquery.
Bootstrap is one of the modt popular libraries to make things look good easily on your website.
For js there is also electron.js for building desktop applications using Javascript HTML and CSS.
Additionally you may also include APIs into your frontend - for example Google Maps, Adsense, YouTube...

For PHP you normally use Frameworks that deal with the repetitive tasks on the server side. Laravel is one of the most popular PHP Frameworks.
I worked with Python and Django - a framework for python before - and I certainly enjoyed that.

IE is not a Browser that is targeted anymore by websites - instead of the standard Javascript it used its own language which is similar to js but does lack many of its standards. You often need to write completely new Javascript code for IE. You probably shouldn't expect any website to work when you use it.
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Re: html/websites: resources

17 Jul 2018, 17:33

Wow, MDN does look better. In English, that is :P

Happens to be that only recently I also got inspired to make web dev my next object of learning
try it and see
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Re: html/websites: resources

15 Sep 2019, 12:15

I recently had a very good experience with creating a site using

Was able to do a lot of logic in the generation process and used a responsive html template from to save time on design and frontend pixel pushing.

Would recommend that highly over creating html files from scratch for each page.

Video for a fork I made:

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