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Posted: 04 May 2019, 21:34
by jballi
Another day, another sh*thead. :(
Pay the ransom or release the code to the public! Unthinkable!

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Posted: 06 May 2019, 14:08
by SL5
I have very little time for the next few weeks. But I'll be back! :) AHK is gorgeous!
If you want to earn a bit of money with AHK in the meantime. Maybe you can help that one of my projects is running again.
I only have time to write a bit in the evening.

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Posted: 07 May 2019, 14:58
by garry
Beer fear in Japan ...

TOKYO: When hosting an international rugby tournament and welcoming thirsty fans from around the world, the last thing you want to do is run out of beer.
That's the message from Rugby World Cup bosses to Japanese hosts as they gear up for the global showcase that kicks off on September 20.
Japan is the first Asian country to host the World Cup and may be unfamiliar with rugby culture, organisers said, including a healthy thirst for beer - before, during and after the action on the pitch.

Rugby bosses have warned host cities about running out of ale, using anecdotes such as :
-when Australian and Irish fans drank the city of Adelaide dry, forcing emergency supplies to be brought in from surrounding areas.
Around two million litres of beer were downed at stadiums and nearby areas during the 2015 Rugby World Cup with rugby fans having a reputation for outdrinking their football counterparts.

Typo on Aussie $50 note brings blushes for central bank
SYDNEY: Red-faced bank bosses in Australia admitted to an embarrassing error on Thursday (May 9), revealing their state-of-the-art A$50 note had a typo.
The yellow and green note, which is worth around US$35, came into circulation last October.
It has multiple security features - including microprint of a speech by Australia's first female parliamentarian, Edith Cowan.
But the technology seemingly did not include a spellchecker.
It took seven months for the public to notice "responsibility" was repeatedly misspelt in the text of Cowan's 1921 maiden speech.
"I stand here today in the unique position of being the first woman in an Australian parliament. It is a great responsibilty," the text reads, missing an "i".

Dutch publication Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant reports that Intel offered to pay the researchers a USD $40,000 "reward" to allegedly get them to downplay the severity of the vulnerability, and backed their offer with an additional $80,000.
The team politely refused both offers.

20190519 Huawei Google Android Suspension
Reached for comment, a Google spokesperson said only “We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications.”
The order, in this case, appears to be the US Commerce Department’s recent decision to place Huawei on the “Entity List,”
which as Reuters reports is a list of companies that are unable to buy technology from US companies without government approval.
Speaking to Reuters, a Google spokesperson confirmed that “Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices.”
So while existing Huawei phones around the world won’t be immediately impacted by the decision,
the future of updates for those phones as well as any new phones Huawei would produce remains in question.
Huawei is now restricted to using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP),
cutting the company off from critical Google apps and services that consumers outside of China expect on Android devices.
That also means Huawei will only be able to push security updates for Android once they’re made available in AOSP,
assuming the company uses its own update system.
It’s not clear yet how this will affect the full range of Android integrations that Huawei depends on,
but we will update this story when we receive additional clarification about the impacts of Google’s decision.

20190520 Huawei Google ban
Intel decided to no longer supply processors and other hardware to Huawei, for use in its laptops and server products.
Sales of AMD processors will stop, too. Qualcomm-Broadcom have decided to stop supply of mobile SoCs and network PHYs, respectively.
Microsoft decided to stop licensing Huawei to use Windows and Office products.
LONDON: Huawei said it would continue to provide security updates and services for its smartphones and tablets after Google said it would comply with an order barring the Chinese company from updates to its Android operating system.
"We have made substantial contributions to the development and growth of Android around the world," a spokesman said on Monday (May 20).
"Huawei will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products, covering those that have been sold and that are still in stock globally.
"We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, in order to provide the best experience for all users globally," he added.

"Google blocked my Huawei! Damn Trump !" " You forgot your password again ?"

20190521 Aussies flock to Kiwi migration site after election
WELLINGTON: The number of Australians making online queries about migrating to New Zealand has surged after conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison's shock election win, official data showed Tuesday (May 21).

Hitchcock short movies ( Hitchcock presents ( 25 minutes ) / Hitchcock hour ( 50 minutes ) ) :
The series was originally 25 minutes per episode, but it was expanded to 50 minutes in 1962 and retitled The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

20190523 - France, Graignes 1944-0606

In western France, a village remembers D-Day's "secret massacre"
GRAIGNES, France: The lost US paratrooper tapped on the door of the Rigault family's farmhouse in Normandy in the early hours of
Jun 6, 1944, miles south of his intended drop zone and soaking from his landing in the surrounding marshland.
After four years under German occupation, 12-year-old Marthe Rigault, awoken by the roar of aircraft overhead, watched as her parents warmed the foreign soldier with a flask of coffee.
The Germans were brutal in their reprisals against the village, Rigault recalled.
The village priest, Father Albert Leblastier, and a Franciscan priest were shot dead and their bodies burned.
Homesteads were torched. The maimed paratroopers left behind were split into two groups:
some were marched down the road and executed, others were "thrown into the marshes and bayoneted," Rigault recalled.
"We weren't allowed to pull them out for several days."
Then, in 1984, a small number of the US soldiers whose lives had been saved by the villagers returned to Graignes.
"It was tough for them to come back because they felt that in some way they had abandoned the villagers, left them to face the Germans' revenge,"
said Denis Small, mayor of Graignes for the past 22 years.
"But the village received them for the liberators that they were."

20190604 Who’s Afraid of Arabic Numerals?
Who’s Afraid of Arabic Numerals?
Before there was a Western civilization, there was Islamic civilization.

20190604 london-tiananmen-square-apple
London, Tiananmen Square, Apple: Your Tuesday Briefing

20190610 bigger TV Nadal Federer
PARIS: Rafael Nadal insists he is not obsessed with beating Roger Federer's record of 20 Grand Slams, claiming
"you can't be frustrated all the time because your neighbour has a bigger house than you or a bigger TV or better garden".

20190610 Indonesia new capital Jakarta
Earthquake, floods and water shortages threatens the capital.
Jakarta's river is heavily polluted.
Traffic congestion in Jakarta has resulted in economic losses, reaching 56 trillion rupiah (US$3.8 billion) per year.
As a result, many parties question the urgency of the plan, and even see it as an attempt to distract from other issues during the election campaign.
Before arguing about the right location for the new capital city,
Indonesia must be sure that the decision to move the capital has been supported by evidence and a comprehensive analysis of its implications.
Otherwise, they'll risk repeating the same mistakes and creating problems in the new capital.

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Posted: 08 May 2019, 08:51
by nnnik

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Posted: 11 May 2019, 07:12
by jballi
What if you could get into a time machine and go back 120+ years? This amazing video (color, sound, and speed restored and enhanced) will give you a taste of what it might be like.

Scenes of Daily Life in Paris in the 1890s

Hint: Watch on a big screen if you can.

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Posted: 11 May 2019, 12:01
by burque505
Amazing. The moving sidewalk is something else . . .
Thanks for sharing this.

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Posted: 23 May 2019, 12:41
by jeeswg
Why are statues so bad nowadays?

George Best statue mocked by fans - BBC News

Statue of comedian Victoria Wood unveiled - BBC News

Cristiano Ronaldo: Mocked statue at Madeira airport is replaced - BBC Sport
Niall Quinn: Cristiano Ronaldo's questionable bust sparks comparisons to Niall Q...
Former Newcastle player joins Cristiano Ronaldo statue pisstaking with perfect comparison |

@nnnik: I think half the votes are for the train tracks image.
Perhaps the all-time classic Stack Overflow post, second only to:
From where can I find "Great programming quotes" question? - Meta Stack Exchange

@jballi: Great video. Thanks.

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Posted: 25 May 2019, 12:36
by garry

The first Apple computer
Steven Jobs & Stephen Wozniak. 1976

Price Realised: GBP 371,250

Airgapped Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook (2008), Windows XP SP3, 6 pieces of malware, power cord, restart script, malware
10.3” x 1.2” x 7.3” 2.8Lbs

-- Current bid: $ 1,200,749

The ILOVEYOU virus, distributed via email and file sharing, affected 500,000+ systems and caused $15B in damages total, with $5.5B in damages being caused in the first week.

MyDoom, potentially commissioned by Russian e-mail spammers, was one of the fastest spreading worms.
It's projected that this virus caused $38B in damages.

SoBig was a worm and trojan that circulated through emails as viral spam.
This piece of malware could copy files, email itself to others, and could damage computer software/hardware.
This piece of malware caused $37B in damages and affected hundreds of thousands of PCs.

WannaCry was an extremely virulent ransomware cryptoworm that also set up backdoors on systems.
The attack affected 200,000+ computers across 150 countries, and caused the NHS $100M in damages with further totals accumulating close to $4B.

A sophisticated and evasive piece of malware that targeted users mainly in Latin America, DarkTequila stole bank credentials and corporate data even while offline.
DarkTequila costed millions in damages across many users.

BlackEnergy 2 uses sophisticated rootkit/process-injection techniques, robust encryption, and a modular architecture known as a "dropper".
BlackEnergy was used in a cyberattack that prompted a large-scale blackout in Ukraine in December 2015.

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Posted: 29 May 2019, 19:16
by joedf
7000+ post! ... :mrgreen:

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Posted: 30 May 2019, 10:08
by tidbit
whoa nelly. slow down.

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Posted: 30 May 2019, 10:52
by joedf
tidbit wrote:
30 May 2019, 10:08
whoa nelly. slow down.
I just came back from a 1 month+ hiatus but... Okay :( ahaha
also, I am sorry for nelly. ;)

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Posted: 31 May 2019, 09:58
by tidbit
you just made 3 more posts. that's not slowing down.
Also, welcome back

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Posted: 31 May 2019, 12:31
by joedf
Heyyy!! :oops: ;)
Also, thanks :mrgreen:

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Posted: 06 Jun 2019, 15:06
by tidbit
« What's on your mind? »

At this, he took up with his eyes his son, whose face still resembled his mother, looked very dazed and had an expression of terror, and looked at us again.

« What are you doing? »

« I don't know if I can come to understand it, but I just had a dream, and I want you to help me.

« What is it? »

« I am afraid that I haven't told you the truth, and as soon as I say it I'll tell you everything.

« I see. »

That evening we sat on a bench, and we didn't hear for hours, but after five minutes we heard the cry of mother, and in a loud voice her voice became loud again.

« Oh God! mother! »

« Are you there? »

« Yes, it is me! »

« Good. Why, you heard my voice when you came in.?

« Yes, dear father — I will take to sleep with you; but you might be scared and angry at the same time.

« I know, dear son.

We were lying in bed the next morning when the next morning's news came that the people had been robbed and murdered; and when we heard of that we came

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Posted: 20 Jun 2019, 06:45
by garry
How to reset your GE Lightbulb ( it's very easy :facepalm: )

Code: Select all

Start with your bulb off for at least 5 seconds.
    Turn on  for 8 seconds
    Turn off for 2 seconds
    Turn on  for 8 seconds
    Turn off for 2 seconds
    Turn on  for 8 seconds
    Turn off for 2 seconds
    Turn on  for 8 seconds
    Turn off for 2 seconds
    Turn on  for 8 seconds
    Turn off for 2 seconds
    Turn on
Bulb will flash on and off 3 times if it has been successfully reset.
in Germany :
-Read electricity meter with flashlight Morse code

A technical novelty that only exists in Germany.
Otherwise in no other country.
Finally! 40 million households get it now installed: the new digital electricity meter.

-Stromzähler ablesen mit Taschenlampe Morsecode
Eine technische Neuheit, die es nur in Deutschland gibt.
Sonst in keinem anderen Land.
Endlich! 40 Mio. Haushalte bekommen ihn jetzt eingebaut: den neuen digitalen Stromzähler.

Bitcoin Iran
Iran seizes 1,000 Bitcoin mining machines after power spike

Europe heatwave
Is the warming caused by human activity?
A scientific study into last year's Europe-wide heatwave by the World Weather Attribution group
concluded that high temperatures in the region were made more likely by human activities that contributed to climate change.

Yandex ... SKCN1TS2SX
Western intelligence hacked 'Russia's Google' Yandex to spy on accounts - sources

New film shows painful legacy of China's one-child policy

20190629 in China 421,000 electric buses, or 18 per cent of its bus fleet, compared with 300 electric buses in the US.
How China the copycat became a tech giant to rival the US
From having four Silicon Valleys to scoring a world first — a city with a 100 per cent electric bus fleet —
China has taken on the US for technological supremacy. Insight looks at how the country did it.
Across the country, there are an estimated 421,000 electric buses, or 18 per cent of its bus fleet, compared with 300 electric buses in the US.
“The US, Japan and Germany were the pioneers in electric vehicles.
China started only in 2016 but has now become the biggest manufacturer, with over 1.2 million sold last year,” said Jia.
“We should be able to produce every part of the electric vehicle locally … China has the biggest capacity for battery manufacturing, and we’re the biggest providers.”
It is little surprise that China is still the world’s largest market for electric vehicles.
Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou are among more than 30 Chinese cities aiming for 100 per cent electric bus fleets by next year.

20190629 Korea DMZ: The world's last Cold War frontier
The 4km-wide DMZ runs for 250km across the Korean peninsula, around 50km north of Seoul and 200km south of Pyongyang.
At its centre is the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), where the front line lay when the ceasefire stopping Korean War hostilities was signed in 1953.
Under the agreement both sides agreed to pull back their forces 2,000m.
To the south, Seoul has established a further buffer zone of varying width where civilian access is restricted.
A barrier separating North and South, heavy weaponry is banned from within the DMZ.
Patrols are allowed but cannot cross the MDL
and no more than 1,000 people from each side are permitted inside the zone at any one time.
It is also littered with minefields.
The areas immediately outside it are some of the most highly fortified places on earth, bristling with artillery, military camps and more minefields.

20190714 Let's see the aliens at 20190920 Area 51

20190731 Kill Switch: Why Connected Cars Can Be Killing Machines And How To Turn Them Off
The group and experts warn that a fleet wide hack at rush-hour could result in a 9-11 scale catastrophe with approximately 3,000 deaths.

20190811 License plate > "NULL"

He tried to prank the DMV. Then his vanity license plate backfired big time.
Everyone hates parking tickets.
Not everyone, however, is an information security researcher with a mischievous side and a freshly minted vanity license plate reading "NULL."
It seemed that a privately operated citation processing center had a database of outstanding tickets, and,
for some reason — possibly due to incomplete data on their end — many of those tickets were assigned to the license plate "NULL."
In other words, the processing center was likely trying to tell its systems it didn't know the plates of the offending cars.
Instead, with Droogie's vanity plate now in play, it pegged all those outstanding tickets on him.
Specifically, over $12,000 worth of outstanding tickets.
"Basically," observed Droogie, "this is bullshit”
After contacting the DMV and the LAPD, and painstakingly explaining his situation, they both told him the same thing: change your plates.
"I said, 'No, I didn’t do anything wrong.'"
But the tickets were still piling up.
Thankfully, the DMV contacted the private citation processing company, which then erased the $12,000 in fines.
However, and this part is key, they didn't actually fix the problem with their system.

read also :

20190813 Antivirus Symantec Norton " The Windows updates are blocked or deleted by the antivirus program during installation"
Microsoft and Symantec have identified an issue that occurs when a device is running any Symantec or Norton antivirus program and installs updates for Windows that are signed with SHA-2 certificates only.
The Windows updates are blocked or deleted by the antivirus program during installation, which may then cause Windows to stop working or fail to start.

20190816 Trump want buy Grønland
Donald Trump reportedly wants to purchase Greenland from Denmark
US president has ‘expressed interest’ in the icy territory,
according to the Wall Street Journal, but the Danes have yet to weigh in
Trump overvejer at købe Grønland

20190819 Government-to-strength defense-in-Arctic
While US President Donald Trump is waking up with his announcement to buy Greenland,
Defense Secretary Trine Bramsen warns that the Danish defense presence in the Arctic will be strengthened in the coming years.
She points out the Arctic as one of the top five security policy challenges for Denmark in line with the threat
of terror, cyber attacks, uncontrolled migrant flows and an aggressive Russia.
"As the ice melts due to climate change, major changes are taking place and new threat images are being created to the north.
The Arctic's presence in the Arctic will be strengthened in the coming years in response to this development to ensure stability and security," says Trine Bramsen.


Within 15 years, the average annual temperature has risen by about five degrees and has melted the ice.
This releases mineral wealth: precious stones, iron ore, oil, gold, copper, uranium and rare earths, which are needed for the booming construction of rechargeable batteries.
Trump : The global warming has its good!

20190820 US domination is under threat: China can wipe out US troops in Asia in hours
USA's dominans er truet: Kina kan udradere de amerikanske tropper i Asien i løbet af timer
Det kinesiske militær har med kraftig oprustning væltet USA af pinden som den stærkeste militærmagt i Asien, viser rapport.

20190821 Titanic eaten by microbes
The RMS Titanic has been underwater for more than 100 years, lying about 600km (370 miles) off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.
The passenger liner, which was the largest ship of its time, hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York in 1912.
Of the 2,200 passengers and crew onboard, more than 1,500 died.

50 things that made the modern economy

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Posted: 20 Jun 2019, 07:55
by Joe Glines
Happy to see AutoHotkey in one of my news feeds
Microsoft is considering making the Apps Key an Office key...

How to remap the Menu Key

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Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 12:44
by jballi
I panicked a little watching this...


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Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 13:50
by joedf
nice! You just gotta go fast... real fast! ;)

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Posted: 17 Jul 2019, 15:16
by Joe Glines
Open a GUI with Putty- Interesting!

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Posted: 18 Jul 2019, 15:07
by joedf
Nice! Thanks for sharing :+1: