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Re: « What's on your mind? »

01 Jan 2020, 11:13

The 36. Chaos Computerclub in Leipzig has ended: "36C3: Resource Exhaustion"

This event brings a lot of information about IT-Security.
This is not only for german speaking people. Most videos containing english and or french audio streams.

Link to: all videos
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

06 Jan 2020, 12:51

just another get rich scam. :?
Like that one: "Everyone who wants to get rich, send me 1$ by mail and I'll reply with my secret to get rich. Person gets very rich and replies "Do what I did." ..."
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

07 Jan 2020, 07:59

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Re: « What's on your mind? »

09 Jan 2020, 17:20

I requested a pcre computerphile like 2years ago..

they finally got to it :thumbup:
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

09 Jan 2020, 18:18

Nice, thank you!
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

10 Jan 2020, 13:27

20200110 WINDOWS-7 what-will-happen-to-your-windows-7-pc-on-january-15-2020
Here's what will happen to your Windows 7 PC on January 15, 2020
Microsoft is ready to push a full-screen warning to Windows 7 users who are still running the OS after January 14.
The nag-screen payload is part of the December 10 Patch Tuesday monthly rollup.

Unremovable malware found preinstalled on low-end smartphone sold in the US
Malwarebytes said it found malware pre-installed on Unimax U673c handsets, sold by Assurance Wireless (Virgin Mobile) in the US.
Low-end smartphones sold to Americans with low-income via a government-subsidized program contain unremovable malware, security firm Malware bytes said today in a report.
The smartphone model is Unimax (UMX) U686CL, a low-end Android-based smartphone made in China and sold by Assurance Wireless, a cell phone service provider part of the Virgin Mobile group.
The telco sells cell phones part of Lifeline, a government program that subsidizes phone service for low-income Americans.
Adups backdoor
For starters, Malwarebytes said it found that one of the phone's components, an app named Wireless Update, contained the Adups malware.
The Adups malware was discovered in 2017 by Kryptowire, and it's a malicious firmware component created by a Chinese company of the same name.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said Friday it will review a petition asking the agency to formally investigate 500,000 Tesla Inc vehicles over sudden unintended acceleration reports.
The petition covers 2012 through 2019 model year Tesla Model S, 2016 through 2019 Tesla Model X, and 2018 through 2019 Tesla Model 3 vehicles, the agency said.
The petition cites “127 consumer complaints to NHTSA involving 123 unique vehicles.
The reports include 110 crashes and 52 injuries,” the agency added.

The cartoon, published in Jyllands-Posten on Monday,
depicted a Chinese flag with the yellow stars normally found in the upper left corner exchanged for drawings of the new coronavirus.
China's embassy in Denmark called the cartoon "an insult to China" that "hurts the feelings of the Chinese people".
The embassy said the cartoon crossed the "ethical boundary of free speech" and demanded that the paper and cartoonist
Niels Bo Bojesen "reproach themselves for their mistake and publicly apologise to the Chinese people".
Jyllands-Postens ansvarshavende chefredaktør, Jacob Nybroe, understreger, at det aldrig har været intentionen med tegningen at støde nogen.

Scotland Is on Track to Hit 100 Percent Renewable Energy This Year 2020
Slàinte Mhath!

Brexit BigBen
https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-51271287 20200127
Campaigners have officially ended a crowdfunding appeal which was raising money to make Big Ben's bell ring to mark Brexit day.
The StandUp4Brexit group says the £272,000 raised will instead go to veterans' charity Help for Heroes.
They say efforts to persuade House of Commons authorities to accept the donation have been "unsuccessful".
Big Ben is being renovated and the total cost of getting the bell working by Friday had been put at £500,000.
Why it will cost an astonishing £500,000 for Big Ben to ring on Brexit night
BIG Ben will NOT ring in Britain’s Brexit – unless a crowdfunding idea hinted at by Boris Johnson captures the imagination of the public – because of a shocking HALF MILLION POUND bill.

Weirdest thing about guns in the Kentucky Capitol:
if you have one, you’re told to walk around the metal detector. Others must pass through and get wanded.

South China Morning Post scmp 20200224
Wearing a mask won’t stop facial recognition anymore
The coronavirus is prompting facial recognition companies to develop solutions for those with partially covered faces

-Meanwhile, popular carnival feasts in Basel and the town of Payerne in western Switzerland will not go ahead.
-The annual Geneva motor show, a major item on the global auto industry calendar, had been due to start on Mar 5 and organisers said that stands were nearly completed.
The show is usually attended by hundreds of thousands of people and planned to have some 160 exhibitors this year.
-Switzerland's famous watchmaking industry, which looks in particular to Asian buyers, also took a hit.
Baselworld, one of the world's biggest watch fairs, on Friday announced it was delaying until next year the planned show which was due to start on Apr 30.
-The ban will also affect the Swiss sporting world.
-The United Nations, which has its second-biggest office after New York in Geneva was also "assessing the situation"

-Clean Air in China after Corona virus: 20200225
The maps on this page show concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, a noxious gas emitted by motor vehicles, power plants, and industrial facilities.
The maps above show NO2 values across China from January 1-20, 2020 (before the quarantine) and February 10-25 (during the quarantine).

Surgeon general: Be cautious, but not afraid of coronavirus
Government officials say face masks aren't necessary

-Summer in Australia: 20200103
Australian summers have become, on average, 31 days longer in Australia's capital cities, and in regional areas that number is even higher, according to a new report.
Key points:
The report found climate change had changed the length of Australian summers and winters
Sydney now has an extra 28 days of summer and 15 fewer days of winter compared to the 50s and 60s
Regional areas are experiencing the longest summers, with 48 more days of summer in Port Macquarie
Researchers at the Australia Institute crunched Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) data from between 1999 to 2018 and compared it with Australian weather records from 1950 to 1969.
The analysis found all Australian capital cities experienced longer summers and shorter winters,
with summer 31 days longer and winter three weeks shorter than in the 50s and 60s.

on 2020 March 04 :
The certificate currently available on autohotkey.com is OK.
It is not one of the certificates affected by the Let's Encrypt CAA rechecking problem.
Its serial number is 0ef5106026637b43ce850b6f672461470000

To fight the coronavirus,
China placed nearly 60 million people under lockdown and instituted strict quarantine and travel restrictions for hundreds of millions of others.
Its campaign has come at great cost to people’s livelihoods and personal liberties.

Virus Outbreak: Taiwan a leader in prevention, AIT director says

Prepping :
The Prepping Industry Wasn’t Prepared for the Coronavirus
Once the obsession of fringe survivalists, disaster preparedness is now a national pastime—and supply can't keep up with demand.

Coronavirus Conference Gets Canceled Because of Coronavirus :

COVID-19: Stay-home notices for all travellers entering Singapore from ASEAN countries, Japan, UK, Switzerland


BERLIN: Germany will reintroduce border controls with France, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Denmark from Monday morning due to the coronavirus crisis,
interior minister Horst Seehofer said on Sunday (Mar 15).
"The spread of the coronavirus is progressing quickly and aggressively ... one of the most important measures will be to cut off the chain of infection,"
Seehofer told reporters as he announced the new border controls.
The measures will take effect at 20200318 8.00am (0700 GMT) Monday, with goods and cross-border commuters exempt.
German citizens and people with a residency permit will be allowed to return to the country.
People "without a significant reason to travel" and those suspected of having been infected with the virus will not be allowed to cross the affected borders, he said.
Seehofer stressed the new controls would be temporary, and would be reassessed "from time to time".

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Re: « What's on your mind? »

17 Jan 2020, 10:43

just found out that you can input emojis on windows by using the shortcut WIN + . or WIN + ;

requires win10

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Re: « What's on your mind? »

31 Jan 2020, 06:10

in case you are interested
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

03 Feb 2020, 03:47

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Donations are appreciated if I could help you

Re: « What's on your mind? »

03 Feb 2020, 10:01

Didn't know id love a tiny animated goose this much.....
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

26 Feb 2020, 03:35

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Re: « What's on your mind? »

26 Feb 2020, 10:10

Lol. Everything still works, just horribly slow. :mrgreen: Part of the problem might on our host. :b
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

09 Mar 2020, 16:35

OK, Italy is down. Godspeed to those who live there or who have family or friends who live there.

Edit: Godspeed to all affected areas and to the soon-to-be affected areas.
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

13 Mar 2020, 08:14

Normally I'd be excited to see something like this however every link I clicked was blocked my my antivirus.

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logs in to any website

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Re: « What's on your mind? »

13 Mar 2020, 11:03

Just want to give well wishes (even if it is ineffective) to all coping with COVID.

And in the meantime, hopefully everyone is finding some of their own peace in the storm.

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Re: « What's on your mind? »

17 Mar 2020, 07:23


20200315 ISIS tells its terrorists not to travel to Europe for jihad — because of coronavirus

Amazon said Monday that it needs to hire 100,000 people across the U.S. to keep up with a crush of orders and will temporarily raise pay for hourly workers

Taiwan is a leader in infectious disease prevention
Taiwan is a leader in infectious disease prevention, disaster relief and other areas,
American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Brent Christensen said yesterday, urging Taiwanese to take pride in the nation.
Christensen made the remarks while opening the touring exhibition “US-Taiwan Relations Since 1979”
at the National Taipei University (NTPU) library in New Taipei City’s Sansia District (三峽).

20200314 use alcohol / vodka
What he found “surprising”, however, was the difference in the bacterial count for the girl who washed her hands with vodka:
From 340 colonies to 147 colonies, a 57 per cent reduction.
“Alcohol has a very strong antibacterial activity, or antimicrobial activity.
It can kill bacteria, viruses, yeast and mould”
He thought his father, however, had the dirtiest hands as a car mechanic.
But when bacterial samples taken from their hands were analysed at the Changi General Hospital,
microbiologist Crystal Wong found that the mother had the most bacteria
The highest concentration of staphylococcus aureus — which can cause pneumonia, among other diseases —
was found on mobile phones followed by shopping trolleys.

20200318 Ransomware Gangs to Stop Attacking Health Orgs During Pandemic
the operators of the Maze, DoppelPaymer, Ryuk, Sodinokibi/REvil, PwndLocker, and Ako Ransomware infections to ask if they would continue targeting health and medical organizations during the outbreak.
"We also stop all activity versus all kinds of medical organizations until the stabilization of the situation with virus." ... nice :)

Italy reported its biggest daily rise in deaths on Wednesday, with 475 new fatalities.
The country now has 35,713 cases – approaching half the total for China, which stands at 81,102.
Police stopped and checked 700,000 citizens between 11 and 17 March, 43,000 of whom were found to have violated the decree,
which also ordered the closing of shops, bars, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools.

British 5G towers are being set on fire because of coronavirus conspiracy theories
5G is causing anarchy in the UK

Covid-19 burned down 5G transmitters ... :)
In the meantime, several 5G transmitter in the Netherlands have been damaged or burned down.

Vorige week dachten we dat het niet veel gekker zou worden; complotdenkers hadden een 5G zendmast in Brabant in brand gestoken omdat deze zou bijdragen aan corona.
Nu blijkt dat de stupiditeit van de aluminiumfolie-hoedjesdragers nog betrouwbaarder is dan het 5G netwerk zelf.
Ondertussen zijn meerdere 5G zendmasten in Nederland beschadigd of in vlammen opgegaan.

LONDON: Britain's biggest free-to-air broadcaster ITV came under fire on Tuesday (Apr 14) after one of
its leading presenters said no one knew whether a conspiracy theory that 5G masts help spread the novel coronavirus was true or not.

Coronavirus: 'World faces worst recession since Great Depression'
The IMF described the global decline as the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
It said the pandemic had plunged the world into a "crisis like no other".

Singapore reported a daily high of 1,426 new COVID-19 cases on Monday (Apr 20), bringing the national total to 8,014.
The "vast majority" of the new cases are work permit holders living in foreign worker dormitories, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said in its media release of preliminary figures.
Sixteen new cases are Singaporeans or permanent residents.

COVID-19 border closure can't stop Germans getting their French baguettes
Residents in the German border town of Lauterbach are fond of popping across to neighbouring Carling in France for their daily croissants.
So when the border slammed shut to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many were bereft at no longer having access to their favourite boulangerie.
But baker Myriam Jansem-Boualit is going the extra mile - or at least, the extra few metres to the border - to make sure her German customers can still have their daily loaf.

Bill Gates er blevet hadeobjekt nummer 1
Bill Gates has become the number one hate object
Bill Gates has now overtaken the 5G mobile network, which was otherwise at the forefront of conspiracy theories on the spread of corona viruses on the Internet

BERLIN: Germany takes its first steps back towards normality on Monday (Apr 20), with smaller shops in some regions opening up for the
first time in a month after politicians declared the coronavirus "under control".
From florists to fashion stores, the majority of shops smaller than 800 sq m will be allowed to welcome customers again,
in a first wave of relaxations to strict curbs on public life introduced last month.


Sensational invention: first smoke alarm with snooze function
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

20 Mar 2020, 14:26

Don't be confused by the confusing messages! Nothing is going on right now except what we're cheering on at the moment. The big crisis is not this virus!
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Re: « What's on your mind? »

21 Mar 2020, 01:38

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Re: « What's on your mind? »

21 Mar 2020, 01:57

I sincerely hoped nobody would ask... ;) Let's hope it's gonna be good.

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