Japanese keyboards - extra keys near the spacebar

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Japanese keyboards - extra keys near the spacebar

17 Sep 2018, 08:58


I am looking for a keyboard with some extra keys in the area of my left thumb.
I use graphic tablet often and I need extra keys for emulating mouse click, because
otherwise it is very hard to work :? .
Currently I use Autohotkey to bind the LWin key to perform mouse click, but it is inconvenient
because the LWin key is in the 'dead' zone and I need to make extra movements all the time,
it becomes painful after some time.

So I have found out that Japanese keyboards have some extra keys there.
For example here is a link with image and some tech info:

This seems exactly what I am looking for, because there are extra buttons on the bottom row.
Many Japanese keybs have them so I could buy one, But the problem is, I am not sure how this
extra key left to the spacebar will act normally? (Say if I'm using Windows and standard US layout)

There is some info in the link above bout scan codes, though I am not sure about it.
Will it be possible to make use of it by binding it to the mouse click with AHK?
IIUC this key must return some scan code which must be received by the system so as to
be able to use it with AHK or whatever software solution to emulate the mouse click.
Somebody here has experience with it?

I really like some of those Japanese layouts and those 2 keys will come in extremely useful
for me. Maybe there are some Japanese keyboards produced for EU/US market with those keys
as a bonus (would be ideal)?

I know there are some other option to go: Ergodox, Matias etc.
But currently I just want to know about those extra Japanese keys and how they behave.
(And I am not very fond of the idea to spend 400$ just for one extra key I need)

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