resources for learning a spoken language

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resources for learning a spoken language

22 Sep 2018, 15:48

- I'm interested in any resources for learning a spoken language.
- You can mention any resources you've found useful for any language, and for multiple languages.

- The kinds of things I'm looking for would be:
- videos on YouTube with native speakers that use simpler-than-average words/phrases (with or without subtitles)
- any videos that you like that regularly have English subtitles (of any difficulty level)
- any show that is or is similar to The Apprentice (reality TV can be useful for the use of natural language and for providing contextual clues)
- websites that people like reading for articles (of any difficulty level)
- any free resources that regularly have one line in English, and one line in the other language
- super videos e.g. cover lots of things in one video in the language, or someone discussing multiple aspects of a language's grammar in one video (or possibly some mega playlists)

- I would mention: Google Translate, Wiktionary, and Forvo for how to pronounce words.
- Thanks for reading.
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