Do we really need 'hidden' users?

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Re: Do we really need 'hidden' users?

02 Jan 2015, 08:23

Lol, there we have it. lexikos is a Venusian :P (there are 243 Earth days to one day on Venus, but they observe longer weekends due to tougher labor laws)

I agree what with you're saying lexikos, on all points. It's just that, for me, IRC is a matter of convenience and suits well with the sort of questions that often pertain to software development -- which are often short queries that require a bit of back-and-forth in order to form the thesis to the actual question at hand. Without being able to establish a synchronization of those innocuous questions one might hesitate to create a forum topic over, the meaningful question can never be asked. This is usually the case when it comes to requesting a feature or inquiring if some behavior is actually a bug before reporting it as being a bug; one needs a few exploratory questions answered first.

This is why IRC is so heavily used by software developers. It's the #1 place for all FOSS discussion, as attested by Freenode's explosion in popularity while other IRC networks have been systematically dying off over the same period.
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Re: Do we really need 'hidden' users?

11 Jan 2015, 10:20

Well, this topic suggests that some visible users want to stay logged in even if offline. So I tend to follow lexikos:
lexikos wrote:Do we really need visible users?
How to close this poll?
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Re: Do we really need 'hidden' users?

11 Jan 2015, 20:53

Topic Locked and Poll ended

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