Cloud based AHK script?

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Cloud based AHK script?

11 Nov 2018, 15:33

I am looking to create an AHK script for a client but would like to charge them a licence per user.
Is there any way that AHK scripts can be incorporated into some sort of cloud so that it is not on the clients computer. or if it has to be on their computer, it can only work after connecting to server to see if licence is still active?
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Re: Cloud based AHK script?

11 Nov 2018, 16:27

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Re: Cloud based AHK script?

12 Nov 2018, 17:58

i sell a program/script which connects to my webserver to verify if the license is active. the script is just an executable, so its actually on the individual computers, its not cloud based. i still use AHK Basic and the HotKeyCamo compiler. its not the best but it works for now.

i had an idea of just shipping the customers a barebones executable which did nothing else but verify the license, and if the license was active, then the barebones script would download the full script code, and then run it dynamically through AHK_H. the only reason i planned on doing this was to force users to upgrade and always be on the latest version, instead of requiring them to come to my site to download and re-install updates. never did it though. that could be what you're looking for. of course you'd want to send the script encrypted when you download it, and then have your barebones exec decrypt it. check out AHK_H and running scripts dynamically through the .dll

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