json? platform independence (desired long-term goal)

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json? platform independence (desired long-term goal)

01 Dec 2018, 03:43

meanwhile a script has become a bit extensive.

a real concentration I originally had not planned.

due to the desired platform independence (desired long-term goal), it will probably stay with a seperate json file.

ahk v1.1.30.01 - November 11, 2018
does not allow multiline json.

it works that way but it does not look good if i us bigger config.

I think maybe to parse extra befor using it.

may I would like to take the extensively tested, perfectly stabel, and fast (with chaches) PHP script here:

but I think then I would need a PHP interpret to which I would always like to load on Github.

and GitHub complains when uploading EXE files.

or it would later be reloaded on-the-fly.

I'm a bit confused.

or maybe there is already a ahk-JSON parser somewhere that has no problems with multi-line.

I just want that this is not very slow because the script should always be perfectly fast.
not slower than the internal one used inside ahk v1.1.30.01 - November 11, 2018

what do you think?

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