database software and servers

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database software and servers

24 Dec 2018, 05:02

I wondered if people had any general comments about databases and/or servers. E.g. SQL v. NoSQL ('not only SQL') etc.

Here is a list of popular database software.
Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018 ... -databases

I found these two videos interesting/entertaining, both by TechLead, in case anyone has any comments. Both are re. doing big tasks (storing/copying) in simple ways. Cheers.
How I scaled a website to 10 million users (web-servers & databases, high load, and performance) - YouTube
Let's do server maintenance (MySql database migration, web domain names) - YouTube
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Re: database software and servers

24 Dec 2018, 06:58

Wow, thanks for your work, not a bad selection.

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