Agile software development

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Agile software development

28 Dec 2018, 15:56

I wondered if anyone had any views on Agile software development. Or any recommended resources.

Some links:
Agile software development - Wikipedia ... evelopment

[from the German forum]
Agile Scrum Kanban - AutoHotkey Community ... 12&t=29454

Some videos:
[duration: 02:07]
The Agile Manifesto - 4 Agile Values Explained - YouTube

[duration: 05:32]
Scrum vs Kanban - What's the Difference? + FREE CHEAT SHEET - YouTube

[duration: 08:53][BEST VIDEO]
Intro to Scrum in Under 10 Minutes - YouTube

My attitude is usually: listen to all the ideas, perhaps use some of the ideas, ignore the philosophies as a whole, but consider them. And ... who knows from which sources you can truly gauge what the philosophies actually are.

I liked the 'Intro to Scrum in Under 10 Minutes' video for giving interesting ideas for predicting how a long a project will take, and updating those predictions. This is difficult to do even when you're a one-man band. Cheers.
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Re: Agile software development

28 Dec 2018, 17:13

Although the article the comments on Hackernews refer to discusses JIRA (a "bug tracking and agile project management" software package) I found them to be of interest. Have a :cookie: as there are 367 comments :-)
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Re: Agile software development

11 Jan 2019, 09:49

In addition, I can add similar software from Oxagile developers. Called object recognition software.
I found an example of how people use it and for what purpose to apply.
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Re: Agile software development

18 Feb 2019, 10:21

Purina Megel wrote:
18 Feb 2019, 08:58
However, it raised one question for me related to the daily SCRUM meetings. Working in an IT consulting environment where all project participants (programmers) work on many projects it can be difficult to find time for a SCRUM meeting with all relevant participants every day. This can be due to many reasons like emergencies in other projects, travel activity, important Run activities and probably many other things.
In practice a scrum team works one problem end to end at a time. Daily SCRUM is the place to raise roadblocks that hinder that progress and Identify when a team member is struggling meeting the sprint timeline. It can accurately be said that it is one of the most critical parts of the day
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Re: Agile software development

28 Feb 2019, 17:11

- I just heard something quite interesting.
What went wrong with the IT-industry? - James Coplien - YouTube
- Approximate transcript:
build a prototype, throw it away
build a product, throw it away
build a deliverable, ship release 1/2/3, throw it away
[build a deliverable, ship release 4/5/6, throw it away]
[build a deliverable, ship release 7/8/9, throw it away]
every third release they're throwing things away
- My summary:
- I can usually fix small projects to make them perfect.
- Big projects will usually need, or benefit from, periodic restructuring, e.g. annual or biennial.
- No amount of planning will result in a perfect plan.
- Adding kludges is a potential source of bugs.
- Adding kludges to a poorly-structured project can be as time-consuming as restructuring, and an accumulation of kludges can slow down future restructuring.
- Prototyping and restructuring can be fast and enjoyable.
- Maintaining a menagerie of kludges can be slow and demotivating.
- Restructuring will shine light on curious mystery bits of code that needed attention, leading to rewrites or improved commenting.

- Final words:
- The biggest problem in IT is the need to restructure the codebase, assume that you will have to do this.
- Embrace rather than avoid restructuring.
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Re: Agile software development

01 Mar 2019, 07:06

This looks to be a pretty advanced topic, where someone with a lot of software development experience in a corporate environment looks to be the better candidate to answer such. This probably goes way over a lot of people heads, and even for those that it doesn't, I wonder how much freedom do they have on such an issue? Seems like for those in a corporate setting, they would be implementing whatever process their company told them to use, unless they are management (and even then...) or the owner.

But the theories behind Agile software development are interesting to study, for those going down the software developer path.

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