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Discuss Autohotkey related topics here. Not a place to share code.
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Discuss Autohotkey related topics here. Not a place to share code.
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promoting AutoHotkey

06 Mar 2019, 22:33

Some people have expressed difficulties explaining the benefits of AutoHotkey.
I think it's actually quite easy.
I think the two main issues to address are:
- What can I do?
- Is it easy?

How do you promote AutoHotkey to individuals/businesses?
- ask them about any computer problems they have
- ask them what software they use
- list some ideas
- show a demo video
- show some hello world scripts

Some hello world scripts:
- hotstrings/text expansion
- open a program with a temporary/permanent hotkey
- temporary alternative hotkeys e.g. Q or Ctrl+Q instead of Ctrl+C
- temporarily disabling individual Windows/program hotkeys
- invoke a menu item e.g. 'Save'
- send clicks
- send key presses
- list open windows (similar to Task Manager)
- get/set the clipboard text
- a basic GUI, with one input field and one button
- download a file
- copy/move/rename a file/folder
- read from/write to: a text file, an ini file, the registry
- programming basics: assign, if, loop, functions
- programming basics: strings (text), maths, dates, arrays

What have you enabled individuals/businesses to do?
- automate Excel
- automate web scraping (for the company's own website) (via Internet Explorer/Chrome/WinHttpRequest)
- autosave: Notepad windows
- autosave: periodically list open windows
- autosave: periodic printscreens

What is the maximum that you can do with AutoHotkey?
- write any Windows program that I would write in C++, but more easily
- temporarily add features to Windows/external programs, and restore the normal behaviour by closing AutoHotkey
- note: all that is required is a 1-2 MB exe, and no installation
- a full list of built-in functions to give you some ideas:
Alphabetical Command and Function Index | AutoHotkey
- also, you can use any Winapi function, and external dlls

Regarding what you use AutoHotkey for, please post here:
What do YOU use AHK for? - AutoHotkey Community

Further links:
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In terms of replies, I'm hoping for people to give any advice they have regarding how they've successfully explained the benefits of AutoHotkey, and details of the kinds of scripts they've written for individuals/businesses.
Thanks for reading.
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Re: promoting AutoHotkey

08 May 2019, 07:36

I think the single most important factor that puts AHK leaps and bounds ahead of it's competitors is how small the initial investment will be to automate a task and eventually much of the work. For companies that employ <50 employees and/or have <10m annual income (before taxes, wages etc), most of the available solutions are just too expensive to even consider in earnest and that severely hinders their ability to grow when competing against other larger companies.
AHK offers the ability to be able to operate on similar margins as the big corporations while still not having the ridiculous volumes that would make the margins possible by removing the need for as many employees.

Long 'example',
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Re: promoting AutoHotkey

09 May 2019, 05:51

John, in complete agreement.
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Re: promoting AutoHotkey

09 May 2019, 07:06

Damn @John, 14 years in automation and I cant make a stronger point that moving into an ERP. I often elevator pitch ahk as a robust windows scripting language that mimics human interaction.
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