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IT terminology queries

Posted: 04 May 2019, 16:30
by jeeswg
This thread is intended for queries about terminology. I'll start with two.

Which do you prefer? Do other alternatives exist?

fat arrow function [common?]
fat-arrow function [better?]
[generally words are hyphenated]

if-else-if ladder [common?]
if/else ladder [better?]
[why call it 'if-else-if' and not 'if-else' (shorter) or 'if-else-if-else' (more accurate)]

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if (var = "a")
	MsgBox, % "a"
else if (var = "b")
	MsgBox, % "b"
else if (var = "c")
	MsgBox, % "c"
	MsgBox, % "other"

Re: IT terminology queries

Posted: 05 May 2019, 03:19
by nnnik
if-else does not denote a ladder including multiple ifs.
'if-else-if-else' the last else (or any additional ifs) is already implied so this is too long.

It seems to me like the names for fat arrow functions, arrow functions or lambda expressions is completely random.