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17 Aug 2019, 12:54

Hello darkness my old friend, we meet again... ;)
I know there are lots of great minds here in the AHK Forum :geek:
So here I am, trying to spark a few Neuron cells on your brilliant brain :lol:

Long story short, you may already heard (or haven't heard at all) of internet's treasure hunt that consist of breaking codes, hidden messages, decryption, cryptography and the likes.
If you are into it, then you can visit this website and try to decrypt the unsolved riddles.
It's been several years since the community been stuck and faced a big wall of unsolved mysteries :headwall:

You can read the whole story by following the links inside that website above, but some of the referrences are not available anymore.
Just remember not to follow fake informations and waste your time.

Anyway, good luck!


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