Covid-19 Letting everyone know

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Covid-19 Letting everyone know

16 Mar 2020, 16:24

I am reaching out to you my fellow AHK users to take action wherever you are. I implore everyone here to get the word out ASAP to their community online and offline to stay home and avoid contact with others. The next few weeks are critical in slowing and containing the virus. I don't wish to spread ignorance or panic. I want everyone here and their families to be safe so that we can continue to code. Right now things don't appear serious, but the next few weeks will be a turning point around the world. If we act now many lives will be saved over the next few weeks. Please keep this post up. Thank you.
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Re: Covid-19 Letting everyone know

19 Mar 2020, 12:47

I work in a corporate office building, and those of us who have laptop computers were given the option to work from home for 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, not all employees have laptops, and will be traveling to the office each day. This is OK I guess because 50% of the company is now working from home, so the other 50% is less congested while at the office.

We have a few stubborn employees too, that want to work at the office even though they've been offered the chance to work from home, because they want to make a good impression for the company, and these employees are negatively judging those of us who opted to go home.\

Be smart! Take care of yourself and your family first! ;)
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