Various ways to make $ with AutoHotkey

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Various ways to make $ with AutoHotkey

28 Jul 2020, 07:32

Recently I made a decision to stop treating my "automation business" as a hobby and try and develop it. I was sitting watching a ton of videos on how to grow my YouTube channel when it donned on me:

Was that really the best place/way for me to be spending my time?

I then fleshed out various ways I could make $ from my automation business and came up with different ways to quantify their potential. I then reviewed this spreadsheet with a few people and finally decided to share this in a podcast with Jackie Sztuk. I think y'all will find this interesting & helpful. If you disagree with the "weights" i applied, then create your own spreadsheet and apply YOUR weights!

BTW- Next week's podcast we took a deep-dive into making $ from selling software and various approaches of selling software and had some amazing experts like: Tank, Jean Lalonde, and Raptor X. It's another one I'll be sure to post here as I think it is pretty enlightening.


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Re: Various ways to make $ with AutoHotkey

03 Oct 2020, 12:56

I truly think that AHK scripts can be useful to large corporates, and any workers who make anything with PC. AHK can save 1-2 hours per 1 working day.

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