Avoiding insomnia

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Avoiding insomnia

19 Jan 2021, 05:46

Because of preparing for protecting diploma and working I’ve got insomnia that bothers me to relax. Therefore, can you share with me an effective product that could help to relax?
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Re: Avoiding insomnia

19 Jan 2021, 08:37

:lol: Perfect! :bravo:
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Re: Avoiding insomnia

19 Jan 2021, 08:50

That thread has been created to drop something like "Nevermind. I've found <whatever product> ... !"-placement :shh: :yawn:
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Re: Avoiding insomnia

22 Jan 2021, 07:39

Dont stress yourself. Relax your mind. Listen to sleeping music or watch good movie to relax your mind. Follow a healthy diet and make sure to exercise.

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