Sending keystrokes to two windows.

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Sending keystrokes to two windows.

06 Jul 2016, 06:47

I want to send keystrokes that I use on 1 window to other windows. Think dual/multibox, with AHK.

I KNOW its possible with other software, but I like AHK. Though if you think I'm better off with software, then by all means, do link/suggest me one!

So, objectives : to send keystrokes to other (probably hidden/occluded/minimized) game window, to mirror the actions on main/maximized window.

What I THINK is needed :
1. [DONE] some way to ID what window is what. we can rename windows and give them unique (temporary) names for this.
2. [IN PROGRESS] some way of sending keystrokes/mouse clicks to other screen. i know you can send keystrokes but I dont know how to send mouseclicks.

Anyhow thanks for reading, your tips/suggestions/insults/comments are appreciated.

Current code :

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WinGet, hwnd1, ID, A
msgbox %hwnd1%

WinGet, hwnd2, ID, A
msgbox %hwnd2%

ControlSend, , w, % "ahk_id " hwnd1
ControlSend, , w, % "ahk_id " hwnd2

ControlSend, , s, % "ahk_id " hwnd1
ControlSend, , s, % "ahk_id " hwnd2

ControlSend, , a, % "ahk_id " hwnd1
ControlSend, , a, % "ahk_id " hwnd2

ControlSend, , d, % "ahk_id " hwnd1
ControlSend, , d, % "ahk_id " hwnd2
The problem is, ControlSend is "choppy", the in-game char will micro-move a bit, micro-wait a bit, micro-move a bit, micro-wait a bit and so on. Think of stuttering. Thats how it feels. It takes several second to move forward even a meter (in-game).

How do i make the movment smoother, or better yet, keep moving forward/sending W while W is pressed and so forth?

Also, I have absolutely NO idea how to send mouse clicks/movement.
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Re: Sending keystrokes to two windows.

12 Jul 2016, 14:34

try using up and down hotkeys with up and down sends, instead of just keypress to keypress
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Re: Sending keystrokes to two windows.

15 Jun 2018, 02:20


I got a Question. Are you multiaccounting to? My english is not that good so I am asking to be sure that yoy're talking about this. Are you trying to do actions on one window and that the other windows do the same automatically?

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