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Mouse acceleration

02 Dec 2016, 14:47

Hi there :) just want to ask here if it is possible to make a script that activates windows pointer acceleration so that works in games that only supports Raw input for mouse ?
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Re: Mouse acceleration

04 Dec 2016, 09:43

Windows pointer acceleration, in general, has no effect on how FPS games react to mouse input.
Also, I would advise that at all costs, you should avoid things that arbitrarily accelerate mouse movement, as this will impede "muscle memory".

Use a button to switch sensitivity (Also not so great for muscle memory)
There is sample code to do this here.

Use a gesture-based way to rapidly move
I have an app to do this here
This works kind of like the trackpad on a steam controller - a flick-and-lift motion with your mouse will cause it to send movement continuously until you place the mouse back on the mat.
This solution is generally best for things like aiming with tank turrets in Battlefield, where the twist speed of the turret is limited and you want to generate a long, max-speed twist in a given direction.

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