Mouse Twitching Script

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Mouse Twitching Script

04 Mar 2017, 19:00

Since I am new to this program and lack skill in coding, I thought I'd ask people who know.

I'm looking for a script that will make the mouse "twitch". The mouse would move up, down, left, right really fast. It should also stay in the middle so example 1px up, 2 px down, 1px up, 1px left, 2px right, 1px left and then loop that. I also would want the script to work while holding down a button.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Mouse Twitching Script

07 Mar 2017, 09:03

Code: Select all

	mousemove, mx + rand(-5,5), my + rand(-5,5), 0
rand(min,max) {
	random, r, % min, % max
	return % r

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