Problems getting AHK to control mouse look (NOT BOTTING)

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Problems getting AHK to control mouse look (NOT BOTTING)

09 Jun 2014, 15:18

Just to reiterate up front, this is NOTHING to do with "Botting" or any form of cheating / unfair advantage. Quite the opposite.

I play a game called Mechwarrior Online (MWO)

Traditionally, the Mechwarrior series has been a joystick game - and whilst it is not as competetive as mouse aiming, many people value immersion over winning.

However, the situation is just so bad that these poor guys are getting their ass handed to them repeatedly.

The problem is that stick aiming is "relative" - stick half way to the right means "twist the torso right at 50% speed".
However, what they need it to mean is "twist the torso right to 50% of it's movement angle"

Now I know this can be solved via joystick to mouse emulation - but the only people to do this currently are owners of fancy sticks (eg Thrustmaster TARGET software). My current efforts to control the mouse via AHK's MouseMove is not working - the result is unpredictable.

I wish to level the playing field, so if you have any suggestions then please send them my way.
The game is also free-to-play, so if you have some time on your hands I would appreciate you downloading it and seeing if you can get any luck.

In order to test properly, you will need to go into the games options and turn OFF "Arm Lock" and "Start in Third Person view" BEFORE you drop into the "Testing Grounds", else mouse behaves slightly differently.
I need to be able, via code, to twist the torso to a given angle reliably. Mouse acceleration will probably also need to be off.

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