help script for pac man game

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help script for pac man game

29 Dec 2017, 13:53

dear friends i am new and i dont know how to use ahk i need accurate script for pac man on line game ( i use many keyboard recording software's but i was fail to get accurate moves in repeat. dear friends help me once visit the web site i mention above and look which script gives me accurate results in replay of recording?
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Re: help script for pac man game

29 Dec 2017, 14:11

Seems like hidden advertising.
If you got you a bit knowledge about AutoHotKey, you can post your sample code.
Without own contribution it is a bit too much required for support.
Good luck by cheating pacman.

BTW: Same issue
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Re: help script for pac man game

29 Dec 2017, 15:11

I think the keyboard recording is a bad choice to make a bot for that game, because these other four animals(i name them animals :) ) have not a specific movement.
the best thing to do is capturing the place of the animals and the wait points and move yours to safe places by your key board... i can help for this project.... visit my profile

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