Help, i Do'nt know

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Help, i Do'nt know

20 Jan 2018, 13:42

How to make a script to click a key 6 times?
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Re: Help, i Do'nt know

20 Jan 2018, 14:30

Hello BrazilianHunter.

Welcome to the AutoHotkey Community forums.

You can use Loop command to repeat single-commands or blocks of code. Also, to send keystrokes, you can use the Send command.

See the example below on how to do it (the example will press the key j 6 times).

Code: Select all

Loop, 6
Send j
If you cannot see the effect in place here, it is because the key pressing happens as soon as you execute the script. If you wish the script to wait so that you open a a window or something like that, you can use Sleep command.

The example below waits 10 seconds before pressing the key j 6 times.

Code: Select all

Sleep, 10000
Loop, 6
Send j
If you need further help, feel free to post again. Also, check out our portuguese subforums if you are brazilian and wish to talk about AutoHotkey in portuguese.

Best wishes :thumbup:
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Re: Help, i Do'nt know

20 Jan 2018, 16:29

check out our portuguese subforums if you are brazilian and wish to talk about AutoHotkey in portuguese.
Isn't he/she hunting Brazilians?? :o :shifty: :silent:
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Re: Help, i Do'nt know

20 Jan 2018, 18:14

BoBo wrote:Isn't he/she hunting Brazilians?? :o :shifty: :silent:
:lol: :D :bravo: :beer:
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Re: Help, i Do'nt know

20 Jan 2018, 19:08

I think BrazilianHunter wants to realize the following:

Code: Select all

sendinput jjjjjj

Code: Select all

loop 6
	sendinput j
	sleep 100
Pressing one times triggers six times.
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Re: Help, i Do'nt know

21 Jan 2018, 05:29

found this , send also first ctrl / alt / win and then key

Code: Select all

;- test example for f1 , send ctrl+a twice
;-  open notepad with text , then click F1 , mark all text blue , then remove with mouse click , and after 5 seconds mark it again

sendKey("control", "a")

f2:: sendKey("alt", "a")
f3:: sendKey("win", "r")
f4:: sendKey("shift", "s")
sendKey(key1, key2){
	vk1 := format("vk{:x}", getKeyVK(key1))
	vk2 := format("vk{:x}", getKeyVK(key2))
	sendinput, {%vk1% down}{%vk2%}{%vk1% up}

another example

Code: Select all

;- user exaskryz
;- notepad test mark text and copy / paste

;-- check before the right place of cursor
	RegExMatch(key,"{(.*)}",match) ; this is for finding if we used a key like {Enter} or {Backspace} or {Numpad7}
	;MsgBox % target_key
	If !target_key ; in this case, we did not use { } in the input as the output is blank.
		target_key:=SubStr(key,0) ; so we know it's going to be a single character like "1" or "t"
		vk := "{" format("vk{:x}", getKeyVK(target_key))  ; we are adding the { and } in the output because it initially didn't have it
		sc := format("sc{:x}", getKeySC(target_key)) "}"
        vk := format("vk{:x}", getKeyVK(target_key)) ; we do not add { and } because it is already there in KEY. target_key does not have { } because that is not what the getKeyVk/Sc functions expect.
        sc := format("sc{:x}", getKeySC(target_key))
    output:=StrReplace(key,target_key,vk . sc) ; we take the key which could be +{Enter} or !a, replace it with the target word
	send, %output%

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