Is this possible?

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Is this possible?

21 Jan 2018, 04:59

I need help to see if this is possible or not. Basically I wanna make something that would work like this (Everytime a a certain color appears on a part of my screen it would activate a task) So basically if this part of the screen is this color it would activate then deactivate if its not the color of choice.
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Re: Is this possible?

21 Jan 2018, 07:32

Yes this is possible with PixelSearch
Here's some basic code that may help

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coordmode,pixel,screen ;coords for pixelsearch are relative to screen

if CheckColor(0,0,0x000000) { ;example usage
	msgbox The color BLACK (0x000000) was found at position 0,0
	;perform action
if CheckColor(50,50,0xFF0000) {
	msgbox The color RED (0xFF0000) was found at position 50,50
	;perform action


CheckColor(x,y,color,variation=10) {
	PixelSearch, foundX, foundY, x, y, x, y, color, variation, fast RGB
	if (errorlevel = 0)
		return true
	return false

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