Im new.. can anyone explain it a little bit... Topic is solved

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Im new.. can anyone explain it a little bit...

06 Mar 2018, 15:58

Okay.... i want that if i press my Middle wheel on my mouse (should be MButton) it should press 2 then it should leftklick then it should go to 3 and klick again... can you help me a little bit?? the comba is


seems easy for you i know but im new and youtube doesn´t help that good
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Re: Im new.. can anyone explain it a little bit...  Topic is solved

06 Mar 2018, 18:28

Sounds like a gaming request (you should use the AHK gaming section next time - if it's about gaming)
Try this code:

Code: Select all

d = 5
Send 2
Sleep, d
Send {lbutton}
Sleep, d
Send 3
Sleep, d
Send {lbutton}
Adjust the sleep time by changing d = 5 to another value.
Or, remove the D = 5 and type in the desired value in each line.

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