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Sending Q to a background process (Roblox)  Topic is solved

20 Mar 2018, 16:09

So, I'm very new to AHK (started today), and I made a script which sent q to the active Roblox window in a loop, worked just fine. The issue with that was that I wanted to perform other tasks while having that inactive process in the background. As such, I tried finding methods to make it run in the background. The method that I'm trying is ControlSend, however if there are any other, more efficient methods, I'd love to use them. The issue I am having is that the Send program worked, but the ControlSend program doesn't. The ControlSend program only is able to put Q into the in-game chat, and not trigger the in-game effect of punching. I've scoured other threads to no avail.

#Persistent ;used it because one thread recommended it
SetKeyDelay, 50, 200 ;another thread said it might be the key delay
DetectHiddenWindows, On ;and another suggested this

tog = 1
if (tog = 1)
ControlSendRaw, ahk_parent, q, Roblox ;was ControlSend, changed to Raw thinking that might work
sleep 250
if (tog = 0)

e:: ;quit hotkey
tog = 0
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Re: Sending Q to a background process (Roblox)

08 Mar 2019, 07:59

bro this just types q not preses q

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